The Man Behind the Teeth: Bruce and Connie Wehr made the decision to start this ministry after years of thought and prayer. Using his God-given talents to bring laughter into homes, churches, family functions, and corporate events, Bruce has dedicated his life to the pursuit of finding Lessons in Laughter.

After spending 29 years as an electrician, Bruce has answered God’s calling to touch people’s lives through joy and comedic antics that ring true in our own daily realities. Leaving his past career (health insurance and a weekly paycheck) behind, Bruce Wehr now dedicates all of his time to the Lessons in Laughter organization.

Bruce and Connie have been married 35 years and have raised 4 children (the M&M kids) Matthew, Melissa, Michelle, and Michael. The Wehr family have been members of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Davenport, Iowa for over 33 years. Their committed marriage and family life has been centered around their faith and church involvement and they are thrilled and excited to bring life’s messages into the mainstream through the “Uncle Bruster” experience.

Uncle Bruster in the Flesh: The Bruster is a self-taught master of nerd-ology. The illegitimate son of (whomever he may be razzing), he has been searching his whole life, along with his hideous sister Beerneece, for his long lost parents (whom he’s sure to find in your guest list!). Bruster never goes anywhere without his sister, favorite hat, and a big unclean toothy smile. Expect a dapper vision (in his own mind) with 1959 yellow bell bottoms, an orange ruffled shirt, and an original Burberry plaid jacket two sizes too small. Lessons in fashion, sociology, and philosophy will abound with Uncle Bruster’s very personalized quips on life, love, and the pursuit of all that stuff that makes people happy.

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