Uncle Bruster


Comedy to Lift your Spirit and Lighten your Soul! Welcome to Lessons in Laughter! Recent reports on laughing have shown that children 13 and younger laugh 300 times a day, while adults squeak by with a mere 17 chuckles on the daily scale. Comedian Bruce Wehr is here to even out the score.

From corporate events to intimate family gatherings, �Uncle Bruster�s� insights will have your guests crying through rib-tickling antics as they wonder how he knows everyone, and their most embarrassing moments! Bruster�s secret is that each show is customized to your occasion with prep time to include personal details about event attendees that will leave guests stooped over laughing through their tears. Select attendees are called up to stage to help him deliver special �presents�, and hosts have the option of being part of the show!

Each show is pure enjoyment that your guests will never forget, with a unique performance that involves your guests, friends, and Bruster�s hiliarious wife and twin sister �Beerneece�. With two costumed comedians, every performance is guaranteed hilarious and ridiculous, but the �Bruster� never leaves an event without having intertwined a special message about life and its taxing stresses which is sure to uplift as well as entertain.

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