"I laughed so hard, I almost wet myself. Uncle Bruster's performance was custom tailored to the retiree and the audience. I have never laughed so hard before then or since. Truly a unique and hilarious experience!"
- Karl Kane, Moline, Illinois

"I witnessed an Uncle Bruster roasting of Gary Lenhart at his retirement party three years ago. I am sure that Gary is still glowing red from the roast. And while I still remember the event, I don't wish to remember it too well, as I'm sure to bust a gut again from the stress of laughter."
- Bruce L. Davis, East Moline, Illinois

"I've seen Uncle Bruster's show once and have been on the receiving end of one. It was hilarious both times and all in good fun. I HIGHLY recommend this show--in fact, I seriously owe my husband, so at some point I will be hiring Uncle Bruster for his birthday party!"
- Dana M., Bettendorf, Iowa

"Uncle Bruster was invited to my 70th birthday party and had everyone in stitches. I wasn't aware that he was going to perform. His quick responses are unbelievable and you have to see him to really enjoy his humor."
- John Nauman, Davenport, Iowa

"Even if I get Alzheimer's someday, there is no way I could ever forget my 60th birthday party. Bruce, thanks for making it special and not just another party."
- Judi D., Davenport, Iowa

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